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Twitteren in Blue Jeans

On Tobago, the Blue Tanager is called Blue Jean; its song is a squeaky twittering

Twitteren in Blue Jeans

Bananaquits: een Blue Tanager maakt ze de pis niet lauw!

On Trinidad and Tobago, the Blue Tanager is called Blue Jean; its song is a squeaky twittering, interspersed with tseee and tsuup call notes.Vlakbij Sherwood Park, en pal aan Tobago’s Atlantische kust ligt Shore Things Cafe & Craft de ideale plek voor lunch met een rum punch. En je zit er eerste rang voor bird watching: de Bananaquits (suikerdiefjes) doen zich tegoed aan rietsuiker,…

en dan nestelt opeens een Blue Tanager zich in het gezelschap. Ik legde z’n duikvlucht vast (foto, bovenste helft),’t zag er dreigend uit, maar die Bananaquits zijn wel wat gewend en gedogen de indringer (foto, onderste helft foto).

Bananaquits en Blue Tanager

Bananaquits en Blue Tanager

The Blue-grey Tanager (Thraupis episcopus) is a medium-sized South American songbird of the Tanager family, Thraupidae. Its range is from Mexico south to northeast Bolivia and northern Brazil, all of the Amazon Basin, except the very south. It has been introduced to Lima (Peru).

The Blue-grey Tanager is 16–18 cm long and weighs 30–40 gr. Adults have a light bluish head and underparts, with darker blue upperparts and a shoulder patch colored a different hue of blue. The bill is short and quite thick. Sexes are similar, but the immature is much duller in plumage. On Trinidad and Tobago, this bird is called Blue Jean.

There are 13–15 commonly recognized subspecies, differing according to the exact hue of blue of the shoulder patch versus the rest of the plumage; they may be greyish, greenish or purplish-blue, with a lavender, dark blue or whitish shoulder patch. For example, T. e. berlepschi (endemic to Tobago) is a brighter and darker blue on the rump and shoulder.


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