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Let Yourself Feel. Animatie met audio en video


Let Yourself Feel. Animatie met audio en video

Esteban Diácono – Motion Graphics – ‘let yourself feel’


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let yourself feel.

This project was inspired by two things: the wonderful music of the neoclasical icelandic musician Ólafur Arnalds and the incredibly awesome Trapcode Particular 2 plugin by Peder Nordby.

It started as an experimental take on an organic music visualizer. I used two color palletes (helped by my talented friend Sol Valladares) to visually separate the piano and the strings; the blue tones representing the melancholic part of the song and the warmer colors representing the hope and the joy.

After finishing the project i uploaded it to vimeo, where it became a hit. Eventually the video arrived to Ólafur hands, and after some gentle negotiations it became the official video of the song.

The video still receives 1K hits a day, and has been viewed over one million times just on the official sites.

Bron: olafur arnalds / ljósið

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