Advertising: impact of in-game brand exposure en product placement

Mooi verslag van een experimenteel onderzoek naar de effecten van in-game brand exposure mede in relatie tot game repetition, in Journal of Advertising [1];
en een kwalitatief onderzoek over product placement in entertainment mdeia [2]

Impact of brand prominence …


The impact of in-game brand exposure strength is explored by investigating the advertising effects of brand prominence and game repetition. Four hundred eighty participants played an online game two or four times. The results indicate a positive effect of brand prominence on brand recall, without influencing brand attitude. Repeatedly playing an identical game had no effect on brand recall, but had a negative impact on brand attitude, indicating that the wear-out phase was reached quickly. Product involvement had a moderating effect for game repetition only, with more negative attitude effects of game repetition for a high-involvement product than for a low-involvement product. In a follow-up study in which participants could play the game as often as they wanted, the effects of repeatedly playing the game were confirmed. [1]

Product placement in entertainment media. Proposing business process models


Product placement within entertainment media has gained increasing attention from both the industry and scholars. This study uses Social Exchange Theory to explore the process through which products and brands become embedded within motion pictures and television. Through in-depth interviews with executives from leading entertainment studios, multinational manufacturers and integrated marketing firms, this research identi- fies the participants involved in the process, and offers three models of the product place- ments: serendipitous placements, opportunistic placements and planned placements. The models provide a conceptual and practical framework for navigating the product placement process. [2]

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[1] Cauberghe, V, en De Pelsmacker, P. (2010). Advergames: The Impact of Brand Prominence and Game Repetition on Brand Responses. Jounal of Advertising, 39(1), pp. 5-18.

[2] Chang, S., Newell, J. en Salmon, Ch. T. (2009). Product placement in entertainment media. Proposing business process models. International Journal of Advertising, 28(5), pp. 783–806

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